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Custom Home Building Process

Custom Home Building Process - Step 1Initial Consultation

Alterra will set up an in person, no cost consultation with you. We will discuss your housing goals and budget, your dreams, your story. We will provide house plan ideas and concepts from our database of custom homes to best fit your goals. We have a very friendly, straightforward and honest approach and will give you the information that you need to make a decision on what type of home to build or even if building vs. buying and existing home is the best fit for you.

Custom Home Building Process - Step 2

Identify Location/Lot

If you would like assistance finding the perfect lot, our experienced Real Estate team can help you locate and negotiate the right lot to fit your building goals as well as your budget. During this process we will discuss advantages and disadvantages of each lot as it relates to your goals. Our Real Estate team is experienced in writing vacant land offers including the contingencies that will protect you while we go through the process of determining if the lot is suitable to build on.

Custom Home Building Process - Step 3

Design Floor Plan

We will provide house plan options from our database of custom plans that closely fit your building goals. If you want to modify a specific plan or create a new custom plan from scratch we will help you set up an in person meeting with a local drafter. This is where your ideas and dreams come to life right in front of your eyes in real time!

Custom Home Building Process - Step 4Selections

We will work with you to set allowances and budgets based on your unique style and preferences. We give you the flexibility to use suppliers of your choice. Or you can work with our trusted and proven suppliers to pick out finishes such as flooring, countertops, cabinets and appliances!

Custom Home Building Process - Step 5Bid

We will bid out your custom home using your selections and custom designed plan. Alterra will sit down with you to go over the bid. We will share options as well as cost saving ideas until you are comfortable with the materials and budget for your home.

Custom Home Building Process - Step 6Financing

We will provide you with a list of local lenders that excel in the area of construction financing. Alterra is also able to fund projects via turn key in situations where our clients prefer us to finance the project vs. getting their own construction loan. We will go over construction loan vs. turn key options and help you decide what is best route for you.

Custom Home Building Process - Step 7Approvals

Alterra will obtain all appropriate municipal and county building permits and will work with you to submit architectural control paperwork if applicable. p>

Custom Home Building Process - Step 8Build

Once we have financing in place and have been granted all approvals we can start building your new custom home! We use a software system called Co-Construct where you can track your project schedule and communicate with Alterra as well as our trusted and experienced trades contractors. An Alterra owner, Jerod or Ryan, will be your onsite project manager and direct point of contact during your entire project to ensure that your custom home is built to the top notch quality standard that Alterra is known for. Sarah, Alterra’s Director of Operations will keep your project’s budget and monthly draws running smoothly so you are kept up to date with the project and costs.

Custom Home Building Process - Step 9Move-In

It is an exciting day! Your new home is professionally cleaned and ready for you to move in. Alterra will do a final walk through with you prior to your move in. Alterra’s owners as well as Tyler, Alterra’s Warranty / Service Manager are just a phone call, text or Co-Construct message away to answer any questions or assist you.